Oh.. Go On Then… Just One More Triangle Section


Toblerone has a distinctive shape and when wrapped can be instantly recognizable that you don’t even have to unwrap it to know what it is (Unless your parents are clever and hide the triangle, prism block as another shape) Toblerone is made in Switzerland and  manufactured by the Kraft Food Company.
Theodor Tobler (the creator) together with Emil Baumann (Theodor Tobler’s cousin) developed a unique milk chocolate that also included nougat, almonds and honey.

Most stores over the Christmas period like to display these in giant pyramids (like a giant game of Jenga, only triangles instead of squares) Most families like to stock these bars up to give to older relatives, to place in stockings or generally have a bar lying around to snap and share with the household when a family movie is on. Toblerone is a firm favourite and has always been since I can remember.

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Key Lime Pie in a Gum?


Too full for a proper dessert? but want something sweet and tasty? Look no further. Dessert in gum form is here, the fiction of Willy Wonka’s Blueberry pie is finally coming true (except the blowing up as blueberries part) Wrigley’s Extra Gum has brought out Dessert Delights, artificially flavoured, sugar free gum. 15 sticks of pure dessert flavour. Comes in Key Lime Pie, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie and many more different varieties. Wrigley’s Extra Gum is now one of the most popular brands in the USA. The company have different flavours, logos and even slogan in each different country that they operate in. Continue reading

Chew… Chew…

Laffy Taffy

As most of you know Christmas is that time of year to chop your way through as much candy as you want. Our household was not an exception. The next few reviews will be from the candy horde of Christmas.

Laffy Taffy is from the Willy Wonka Candy Company under the major brand umbrella of Nestle. Taffy is similar to toffee as its a small candy chew however it is fruit flavoured rather than toffee flavoured. Mostly sold in the USA. They are small individually wrapped candies in bright coloured waxed papers. On these brightly coloured papers are 2 or 3 jokes to read before you rip open and chew, some are absolutely hilarious, others not so, but entertainment nonetheless. Usually the jokes are sent in from the general public.

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Cheddar Gorgeous

The Cheddar Chocolate Company is a very small rural business based near the home to Britain’s Biggest Gorge. Cheddar gorge every first Friday of December has a christmas festive night which local business open late to trade local products from clothing, gifts  and even chocolate is on offer.

I was brought as a gift from the festive night “Cheddar Chocolate Company,” dark chocolate (52% cocoa) with pure strawberry oil chocolate bar.
Personally I;m not a fan of dark chocolate due to the bitterness and how rich it can be. This dark chocolate was different to the norm. It was very smooth, luxurious, it has a hint of bitterness, but nothing too strong. The strawberry came through during the last bite of chocolate and throughout the aftertaste. Very moreish and the bar was completely gone in 2 days. Will be exploring all their varieties in the future. To find out more please visit the website below.


Give Yourself a Boost

One chocolate bar I wouldn’t be eating in the near future or ever again. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. Definitely a strong stomach. Introduced in 1985 it’s manufactured by Cabury, and sold in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The peanut variety of the Boost bar has been re-branded as a “Star Bar”.  If you’re Irish the Boost bar is mostly known as the Moro bar.

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The Apologetic Candy


Milk Duds… “The apologetic candy,” – Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Copper
Originates in the USA and currently manufactured by Cadbury, however under the Hershey’s product umbrella, confusing? I know. Salted carmel in a chocolate flavoured like covering. The name was quite simply made by the word “Milk” (The high amount of milk that is used for the candies) and “Dud” because they found it completely impossible to make the pieces round.

Milk Duds have a very mild flavour. A flavour I would compare to a Nestle Rolo but with a milky taste. The candies are hard to bite into at first, however they  quickly turned into a sweet toffee like consistency. They come in a mustard coloured box and are a good size to fit into your pocket and eat on your travels. Apologetic candies? I’ll let you guys decide. I haven’t had a scenerio to really test that theory out.



Little Entertainment Sticks in a Box

Made by Ezaki Glico, Pocky is a japanese snack food and was first sold in the country in 1966. They go under different names such as Mikado in Europe. A perfect snack to share amongst friends or family.

Pocky, whenever you go to an anime/japan/film comic convention in the UK or anywhere else in the world, these little chocolate covered biscuits sticks are always the staple diet of most convention goers. These little sticks of biscuits come coated in a variety of different flavours (Strawberry, banana, milk, almond, coconut etc). If small ones doesn’t cut the hunger pains you can buy GIGANTIC pocky sticks, but can leave a hole in your wallet. These were found in the UK to be approx £15 a packet. Continue reading

Like Tasting Your Grandma’s Perfume


Parma Violets are manufactured by the Swizzels Matlows company, the same company that also brings you such classics as the Drumsticks and Love Hearts.

A marmite moment here on Candy Crash Test.
People love these, people hate these, which side are you on?

Personally, I don’t like these. These are possibly the worse tasting candies I have tested to date. They are normally found in the variety packs with other treats from the same company. Swizzels Matlow’s also brought out Giant Parma Violets as a single product. These purple candies must have fans out there in order to become bigger and individual.

Parma Violet are based on the same flower they share their name with. Tasting like your grandma perfume however, has put me off these and I will never venture to eat them again. Steer clear if you don’t fancy eating a flower with an unpleasant aftertaste.