Like Tasting Your Grandma’s Perfume


Parma Violets are manufactured by the Swizzels Matlows company, the same company that also brings you such classics as the Drumsticks and Love Hearts.

A marmite moment here on Candy Crash Test.
People love these, people hate these, which side are you on?

Personally, I don’t like these. These are possibly the worse tasting candies I have tested to date. They are normally found in the variety packs with other treats from the same company. Swizzels Matlow’s also brought out Giant Parma Violets as a single product. These purple candies must have fans out there in order to become bigger and individual.

Parma Violet are based on the same flower they share their name with. Tasting like your grandma perfume however, has put me off these and I will never venture to eat them again. Steer clear if you don’t fancy eating a flower with an unpleasant aftertaste.


3 thoughts on “Like Tasting Your Grandma’s Perfume

  1. I actually like these! (Though yes.. they remind me of my grandmother’s perfume for sure!) I like the CHoward’s Violet mints better though… these are a bit too much like Rockets, which I don’t like….

    1. These are like marmite or yeast extract in the confectionery world. Some will hate them, some absolutely adore them. We will be trying other violet flavoured sweets once we get our hands on some to compare notes 🙂

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