Little Entertainment Sticks in a Box

Made by Ezaki Glico, Pocky is a japanese snack food and was first sold in the country in 1966. They go under different names such as Mikado in Europe. A perfect snack to share amongst friends or family.

Pocky, whenever you go to an anime/japan/film comic convention in the UK or anywhere else in the world, these little chocolate covered biscuits sticks are always the staple diet of most convention goers. These little sticks of biscuits come coated in a variety of different flavours (Strawberry, banana, milk, almond, coconut etc). If small ones doesn’t cut the hunger pains you can buy GIGANTIC pocky sticks, but can leave a hole in your wallet. These were found in the UK to be approx £15 a packet.

They are sealed in a foil packet for freshness underneath the outer cardboard sleeve. Depending of which flavour you get, the smell punches out and hits you in the nose. The flavours are well balanced with the sweetness of the biscuit stick. You can explore the flavour on its own by licking the coating off the biscuit or combined with a solid crunch through the stick and coating. It’s entirely up to you how you want to eat your Pocky.

If you’re bored and you need some entertainment you can play Pick up sticks, Kerplunk (if you had some gumballs and a glass nearby) or you can even use them as walrus teeth! Even chopsticks to pick up the other Pocky sticks. These really are endless fun. Try it next time when you find Pocky.


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