The Apologetic Candy


Milk Duds… “The apologetic candy,” – Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Copper
Originates in the USA and currently manufactured by Cadbury, however under the Hershey’s product umbrella, confusing? I know. Salted carmel in a chocolate flavoured like covering. The name was quite simply made by the word “Milk” (The high amount of milk that is used for the candies) and “Dud” because they found it completely impossible to make the pieces round.

Milk Duds have a very mild flavour. A flavour I would compare to a Nestle Rolo but with a milky taste. The candies are hard to bite into at first, however they  quickly turned into a sweet toffee like consistency. They come in a mustard coloured box and are a good size to fit into your pocket and eat on your travels. Apologetic candies? I’ll let you guys decide. I haven’t had a scenerio to really test that theory out.




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