Give Yourself a Boost

One chocolate bar I wouldn’t be eating in the near future or ever again. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. Definitely a strong stomach. Introduced in 1985 it’s manufactured by Cabury, and sold in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The peanut variety of the Boost bar has been re-branded as a “Star Bar”.  If you’re Irish the Boost bar is mostly known as the Moro bar.

Boost consists of chocolate covered biscuit and caramel, with added or “charged” glucose. The added glucose gets absorbs into the blood stream to give you essentially an energy “boost”. Not one for consumers looking for a light chocolate fix after lunch or a fill in between meals. Unfortunately Boost is not a chocolate bar to be recommend. Its very sweet with caramel and the chocolate covering combination. The biscuits give you a short break from the complete sugar overload. It certainly didn’t give me an energy boost, instead it gave me a massive sugar rush/crash due to all that sweetness wrapped in it’s chocolate walls. Due to the extra glucose, this chocolate bar gives you more headache than pleasure. I suppose this bar is designed more for athletes and people exercising who are using more calories than a regular person.



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