Chew… Chew…

Laffy Taffy

As most of you know Christmas is that time of year to chop your way through as much candy as you want. Our household was not an exception. The next few reviews will be from the candy horde of Christmas.

Laffy Taffy is from the Willy Wonka Candy Company under the major brand umbrella of Nestle. Taffy is similar to toffee as its a small candy chew however it is fruit flavoured rather than toffee flavoured. Mostly sold in the USA. They are small individually wrapped candies in bright coloured waxed papers. On these brightly coloured papers are 2 or 3 jokes to read before you rip open and chew, some are absolutely hilarious, others not so, but entertainment nonetheless. Usually the jokes are sent in from the general public.

The taffy is artificially flavoured, however some are more artificial tasting than others like grape and blue raspberry. The best flavour that tastes just like what the flavour said on the wrapper is the banana Laffy Taffy. They used to be sold in thick square pieces but now are either very thin rope like pieces or thinner rectangular pieces.

If you’re felling a little bored, Laffy Taffy can also be used to make little sculptures as its a soft chewy candy, like Play Doh but this time you can eat it.


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