Key Lime Pie in a Gum?


Too full for a proper dessert? but want something sweet and tasty? Look no further. Dessert in gum form is here, the fiction of Willy Wonka’s Blueberry pie is finally coming true (except the blowing up as blueberries part) Wrigley’s Extra Gum has brought out Dessert Delights, artificially flavoured, sugar free gum. 15 sticks of pure dessert flavour. Comes in Key Lime Pie, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie and many more different varieties. Wrigley’s Extra Gum is now one of the most popular brands in the USA. The company have different flavours, logos and even slogan in each different country that they operate in.
The smell of the dessert gum hits the nostrils as soon as the plastic wrap is opened. The Key Lime Pie smells like the sweet pastry that surrounds the lime flavoured filling. From the USA, instead of the tablets that you get in the UK the small white regular hard covered gum pieces, they come in little strips wrapped in silver foil like “Juicy Fruit”. The juicy Key Lime Pie flavour hits the back of the throat as soon as the chewing begins. Its delicious, the lime filling comes through every chew. Even if you chew it over and over the flavour still remains. After a while the flavour does become sickly and then its time for the bin and to chew another piece to rejuvenate the dessert taste once more.

As the slogan says on the flip top “Have your dessert and chew it too” This piece of gum is a great alternative to stop the sweet tooth on the go, on a diet and when you fancy something to fill in between meals. If one of you guys have tried the others, comment below, love to here from you.


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