Oh.. Go On Then… Just One More Triangle Section


Toblerone has a distinctive shape and when wrapped can be instantly recognizable that you don’t even have to unwrap it to know what it is (Unless your parents are clever and hide the triangle, prism block as another shape) Toblerone is made in Switzerland and  manufactured by the Kraft Food Company.
Theodor Tobler (the creator) together with Emil Baumann (Theodor Tobler’s cousin) developed a unique milk chocolate that also included nougat, almonds and honey.

Most stores over the Christmas period like to display these in giant pyramids (like a giant game of Jenga, only triangles instead of squares) Most families like to stock these bars up to give to older relatives, to place in stockings or generally have a bar lying around to snap and share with the household when a family movie is on. Toblerone is a firm favourite and has always been since I can remember.

The chocolate is wrapped in two pieces of wrapping, the first being the cardboard outer shell that has the branding and ingredients printed all over it. The second piece of wrapping to get into is the foil, which keeps the chocolate fresh and to retain the flavours within.

The instant satisfaction of the “snap” when one section is snapped off the rest of the bar, fills anyone with anticipation of what flavours lie ahead. The luxurious smooth milk chocolate melts beautifully on the tongue. Once disappeared, you are left with little nougat pieces which are soft, chewy and plentiful. Such a sweet but delightful piece of chocolatiering, you can’t help but go back to the bar and snap off another piece.

Too many sections eaten however and you’ll be having a bad stomach for the rest of the day. The flavours can be over powering, so the trick is to savour the pieces one nibble at a time. This is why it is perfect to share. You can purchase mini Toblerones which come in dark, white and normal chocolate recipes which are easily to scoff through by yourself due to the different chocolate bases.


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