The Man’s Chocolate with Added Honeycomb

The Man's Chocolate with Added Honeycomb

Yorkie got new bar in town,
Thick chocolate bar with added honeycomb pieces.
Are you man enough to try?
In all good retailers.
Review to follow….


You’re Not You When You’re Hungry


With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, I could care less about the 49ers or Ravens… For me, it’s all about advertisements.

When it really comes down to it, it’s a battle between agencies. Who is going to succeed with a winning commercial and wear the invisible ring of victory, or who is going receive the title of, “That Wasn’t Super Bowl Worthy.” It’s a tough battle, but only the most creative triumph.

I wanted to do a throwback of a great Super Bowl ad form 2010. The Betty White Snickers commercial continues to be a humorous commercial that in my opinion never gets old.

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Run, Rabbit, Run, Run, Chew?

The US, the UK all have pretty good candies out there on the market, however this one can compete with these easily. If you haven’t tried them, then why not?  These are “White Rabbit” from the Asian side of the world. Manufactured in Shanghai by the Shanghai Guen Sheng Yuan Food Ltd. White Rabbits have been advertised with the slogan “Seven white rabbits equals to one cup of milk,” All Chinese children have been brought up with a bag of white rabbits and I can understand why.
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Jelly Belly Bull

Jelly Belly Bull

When you get the chance to visit Selfridges in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre. You’ll find this fellow in the food court in the basement. He’s a bull statue covered in Jelly Belly Beans. Can be yours for £25,000. Within the basement of Selfridges, there are many more delightful candies brands and treats to purchase.

PEZ candy

Simmer Magazine

The Origin of Pez

As a little kid did you ever collect dozens and dozens of PEZ dispensers?  Those little plastic tubes with the head of a cartoon character that opened and closed to reveal a neat pile of the flavorful candy.  Although the fun packaging makes it seem like PEZ has always been a treat for children, the truth is that PEZ was once marketed to adults as a method to quit smoking.

In 1927, PEZ was invented by Eduard Haas III as a breath mint in Vienna, Austria.  The name PEZ actually comes from the German word ‘pfefferminz’ meaning peppermint.  In 1948, the familiar dispenser shape was created to look like a cigarette lighter.  The idea was that if smokers could have something that reminded them of their old habit, then they would not feel like they were quitting cold turkey.

In order to increase sales in the…

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I loved Double Dips as a child 😀



There’s a theme developing here – sweets. If you’re looking for a food/photography blog which plays host to more fruit and vegetable entries than you can shake a celery stick at, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Today has been a disgustingly lazy day. My sofa, blanket and I have become very well acquainted. My most favourite part of today (so far) occurred when I was under my blanket (lovely and warm), laughing out loud at Stewart Lee’s ’90s Comedian’ DVD and eating a Double Dip (talk about multitasking).

Now, for those of you not familiar with a Double Dip it’s a retro, wonderfully nostalgic piece of confectionary which consists of a sachet of two sherbet dips – one orange flavoured and the other cherry flavoured. Now if that’s not doing it for you, it gets better (no, really). The packet also contains a lolly (with the words ‘Swizzle…

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