Refreshingly Fizzy…..ish…


The theme of this festive period is anything chewy and can be stuck in between your teeth. Refreshers from the English manufacturers Swizzels Matlow, can be either a fizzy press powdered disc shaped candy or a long chewy bar which is lemon flavoured with a fizzy sherbet middle (original refreshers bar) or strawberry flavoured. No artificial flavouring or preservatives are used to make Refreshers.

Mini ‘original’ Refreshers come in pick ‘n’ mix, variety bags or at Christmas time in their own tube. Once unwrapped the small strips of refresher are normally hard to bit into. Most people tend to grab the wrapper end and eat it like a ice-cream. They either lick it or place it in their mouths for a few minutes to make the chew bar melt slightly before biting a piece off. If it gets too warm, the Refresher when you bite and take the rest of the bar away, small candy strings form from the bite marks, all kids love doing this. The lemon is sweet but tangy on the tongue. Because the bar is small in size the sherbet doesn’t have the main role and so a small fizz is all you really get from the bar. Still a nice sweet treat.


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