Liquorice Building Blocks


Every Christmas or birthday, my father has a traditional tin or box of these to munch on. Liquorice Allsorts were created by Geo. Bassetts & co. Sold as a mixture of liquorice varieties, Liquorice Allsorts are now manufactured under the Cadbury’s consortium, and are continued to be sold in many countries like Australia, Portugal and North America. These little candies are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatine.
There are different varieties within the box. Some layered, that look like sandwiches, some like wheels and some like battenbergs. Each one having a different flavour and texture from the last.  The aniseed flavour is strong throughout the “nobbly” round ones. Coconut and orange being strong flavours too. In the past each variety box or tin there was always one shaped like the mascot “Bertie”, however in recent years, he has disappeared from the variety. Bertie Bassett is made up from the varieties of the Allsort range and  has become a British Icon throughout the years. He was introduced in 1929 after some lengthy discussions. One of the most recognizable mascot in the UK.

There was once a few years back a hot air balloon of Bertie, that flew in the Bristol Balloon Fiesta unfortunately it hasn’t been seen for a while, but fingers cross it makes a come back. Stack them, make pictures with them. Liquorice Allsorts have no limits. There’s so much fun that people like making things that resemble the liquorice candies e.g. bracelets, necklaces


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