A Small Kola Flavoured Piece of Childhood Nostalgia


A little treat from the world of the pick ‘n’ mix or what children pick up to spend the last remaining pennies of their pocket money on. Under the corporation brand Tangerine and based in Blackpool, the main brand that most people would recognize from this company is Butterkist popcorn. Under the same big corporation are these little roll of cola flavoured hard candy with a soft, chewy centre from the brand Barretts. The arrange of product under the same brand includes DipDab, Blackjacks, Bruisers, and Fruit Salads.The little Frostie candies have a sugary covering near enough to a fruit pastille but less crumbly. Most people tend to keep the candy in their mouth to dissolve all the cola flavoured sugar crystals around the hard candy. It’s hard not to leave it alone after the sugar is gone, there is always a satisfactory “crunch” to get into the gooey chewy centre which sticks in your teeth forever more.
Always one to trip nostalgia, childhood and happy memories. A little bit of money can buy you the most lip smackingly good candies.


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