Drinking Straws That You Can Eat Afterwards


Another America candy from the vault. The chewy Twizzlers are from the Hershey’s company and was introduced as early as 1845, originally made by the Young and Smylie (Y&S) company. The first flavour of Twizzler was liquorice, since the humble beginning the candy twists are now made in a variety of flavours including chocolate, melon, and strawberry. Artificially flavoured and coloured. Fun Fact for the Vegetarians and Vegans: “Twizzlers do not contain animal gelatin or other animal products, and are approved by PETA as a vegan-edible confection,”Twizzlers are the best drinking and eating “straws”. Biting both ends of the Twizzler, placing it in any beverage and sucking up the liquid through the liquorice twist. You get the different flavours of the beverage and the Twizzler combining in one slurp. Cherry coke, strawberry milk, chocolate orange, there are hundreds of variations to try with every Twizzler and liquid out there on the market. After the drink has been drunk, the “straw” can now be devoured. Chewy and full of good flavour still. Fancy another one? Well grab another out the pack and do it all again. Perfect for a small gathering on a night in. There are also good on their own if you don’t feel like using them as straws, not many calories too, brilliant for people who are on a diet and you just fancy something to nibble on.


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