Two Chocolate Bars Combined, Twice the Goodness

The theme keeps on running through the reviews recently. Anyone guessed what it is?
Key word: Teeth. Still puzzled? The answer is candies getting stuck in your teeth and this chocolate bar is no exception. Both owned by Kraft foods but now known as Mondelēz International since October 2012. Both manufactured widely in and around Europe.

  • Milka is mostly recognized by the purple lilac cow, usually in Alpine surroundings. The name is derived from combining Milch and Kakao, which are the German terms for milk and cocoa, chocolate’s primary ingredients.
  • Daim bar (Dajm in Sweden) or Dime as it was originally called is a is a crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate. Mostly sold in the Swedish furniture store IKEA. The store also sells Daim Cake, which is chocolate and biscuit layerered cake with Daim pieces.The smell of sugary, milky goodness seeps out as soon as you open the bar. Its not overpowering, but it makes your mouth water. It is in little squares so its easy to portion or share amongst your friends. Smooth milk chocolate then the crunchy chewyness of the Daim toffee pieces, so delicious. A true get stuck in your teeth chocolate bar, but you can’t help to eat more and more. It’s not too sickly and the the two chocolate bars work in harmony. Even the aftertaste isn’t sugary sickly. You can also get this variety in the new “Snax” bags that have been released. A definite recommendation if you cant decide on a weekend chocolate bar to sit and munch on infront of the TV.

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