Lack of Chocolate and Paying Mainly for the Surprise Toy Inside

One for the children to eat the chocolate then for them to play with the toy. Kinder Surprise (Kinder Egg) is manufactured by the Ferrero company. It is a chocolate hollow egg with a small toy inside, often the toy requires assembly before playing commences. Originally from Italy and started being made in 1973.Sold all over the world, we all have memories of eating one of these as a child. The chocolate is smooth milk chocolate from Germany. There’s white chocolate inside and milk chocolate as the outer shell. Once the chocolate has been devoured the assembly of the “surprise” toy begins. It can be anything from animals,cars,helicopters,small games, to even skateboards. The possibilities are endless and you never know whats going to be inside your yellow capsule. Some are good toys, some are pretty pathetic, and you vow yourself not to buy one ever again. Being only a bit of chocolate dieters would be pleased to hear they can eat a kinder egg without feeling guilty, however paying nearly up to £1 for one of these, you have to question yourself whether it is really worth it? I mean the price is more for the toy than the chocolate. Might as well buy yourself a Kinder chocolate bar or a beuno for that Kinder chocolate fix. For the kid in us it’s a chance to re-kindle our imaginations. What would be in your Kinder Surprise?


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