The Caramel One

From the world of Nestle, today is the turn of the caramel flavoured candy bar called “Caramac”. Made from sweetened condensed milk, butter, various artificial flavourings (In the UK they are produced without these flavourings) and as well as sugar. Named by a competition winner they are produced in Tyneside, UK.
If you think that the caramel flavour is rather similar to another product, you would be right. It is also used to cover Mcvities Gold Bars a biscuit covered in the same substance as Caramac.

Smooth, creamy to the taste, you have a lovely hit of caramel at the back of your throat. A simple candy bar with a different taste than the usual chocolate. In a thin bar with breakaway slices, another great nibble snack. Caramac does become sickly the more you eat it, so a steady pace is recommended.

Hopefully in the near future Candy Crash Test will try a few recipes with all the different candies that you have been reading the reviews for. Caramac will be one of the first to be tried out in the baking department. For now here are a few links for you guys to try out at home in your kitchens.

Caramac Brownies
Choc-Dipped Cones with Caramac Ice-cream


2 thoughts on “The Caramel One

  1. please can you tell me where i can buy a caramac easter egg from, i remember my mum buying me 1 when i was a child but not been able to buy 1 since then,

    1. Unfortunately Nestle doesn’t manufacture the Caramac Easter egg anymore. Paul Hollywood, the famous baker from The Great British Bake Off would also like the easter egg to be brought back.
      The Telegraph did an Interview with Paul Hollywood last Easter and he stated he wrote to Nestle asking if the manufacturers would bring the caramel flavoured white chocolate egg back to the shelves, however it was a firm no.

      He then decided to buy a load of Caramac bars, melted them and then painted them into an Easter egg mould. He said it was definitely worth it however he’s never had the patience to do it again. He ended his interview with “So come on, Nestlé, save us all a lot of trouble and let us buy Caramac eggs again,”

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