Run, Rabbit, Run, Run, Chew?

The US, the UK all have pretty good candies out there on the market, however this one can compete with these easily. If you haven’t tried them, then why not?  These are “White Rabbit” from the Asian side of the world. Manufactured in Shanghai by the Shanghai Guen Sheng Yuan Food Ltd. White Rabbits have been advertised with the slogan “Seven white rabbits equals to one cup of milk,” All Chinese children have been brought up with a bag of white rabbits and I can understand why.
Made like taffy or toffee, White Rabbits are small, soft, white, chewy candies that are wrapped in an editable sticky rice paper. Recommend on your shopping list. They are incredibly milky and sweet to the taste. It is hard to get round the fact you can eat the inner paper as well, however it sets this candy out from the rest of the candies out there. The unique part of White Rabbits. Its a different texture before you bite into the chewy candy. Its melts carefully around the round the tongue and disappears before the main candy is swallowed. A bag will never be left alone, and only 20 calories a pieces. Keep them around for a sugar fix.


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