Two Hi-Chew Haikus for You!


Crispy Crunch, Chewy Munch

Another classic to enter Candy Crash Test. From the UK, and manufactured by the Nestle company, Toffee Crisp consists of puffed rice embedded in soft toffee and covered in milk chocolate. McDonalds for a limited edition did a Toffee Crisp Mcflurry. Nestle also brought out a snack bag called Toffee Crisp Clusters.

A completely different type of chocolate bar from anything else on the market at the moment. Think of Rice Krispies treats rolled in a thick milk chocolate layer. First bite is full of texture. Crunchy, Chewy and deliciously balanced. Toffee Crisp doesn’t have a horrible burning throat after taste sensation like some toffee/caramel chocolate bars. Crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey, Cant beat a good combination like that. One for the snack box for a energy boost and a pick me up.

Our Favorite Candy: Jolly Ranchers

SVMS Times

ImageI like Jolly Ranchers because they are sweet and DELICIOUS!  Jolly Ranchers were first made by the Jolly Rancher Company in 1949.  They are basically a hard sugar candy flavored with fruit flavored syrups.  There are many Jolly Rancher flavors, such as blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, grape, and green apple.  They also have sour flavors and chewy candy.  Jolly Ranchers are diverse in flavor and delicious.

By: Manuel M.Image

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Tropical Bliss


You want to get away from daily life, but haven’t got the money to book a tropical holiday? Announcing Bounty from the Mars company. Introduced in the 1950’s Bounty is a coconut filled candy bar wrapped in Dark or Milk Chocolate. A snippet of the price of a holiday and can be enjoyed now or later as it comes in two pieces wrapped in one wrapper. Not sold in the USA, however a similar product to Bounty is Mounds produced by the Hershey company. Bounty did bring out a Cherry flavoured candy bar in Australia, but it has now has been discontinued. Continue reading

12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store: Part 1

Tokyo Desu

By Cal Widdall

Even a simple trip to the convenience store can become a confusing journey to a strange, mystical land in Japan. Here’s a look at twelve bizarre offerings common throughout Japanese conbinis (for Part 2 click here).

Collon Candy


Looks great until you read the name. There used to be a chocolate filled version too, which was even more visually upsetting. This variety is how we imagine the gingerbread man’s innards would look if he’d been tortured Braveheart-style in that scene from Shrek.

Tastes: Delightful. There’s a reason why other similarly terribly named Japanese treats like Asse have withdrawn from the market but Collon has stood the test of time.



Slat’s are all glitzy and orange, like the gyaru girls on the perfume counter of your nearest department store. They grab your attention with looks that promise a good time, but is this really what you want?…

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#8: Toothpaste & Candy that doesn’t taste like licorice

stuff expats in Rome like


Maybe it’s a Catholic-guilt issue but, Italians seem to feel the need to punish themselves by making normally delightful and enjoyable  things like fresh minty toothpaste or chewing gum taste like old licorice.

You will find the Expat, staring at the gum rack at the bar or reading toothpaste boxes closely at the supermarket, desperate for something that doesn’t taste like ass.

Anise fans might disagree here (Anise being the likely culprit in any cough drops, mints, gum, etc that has that mystery licorice-like flavor).  But the typical Expat simply doesn’t understand this acquired taste.

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Oh! Butterfingers…


Invented in Chicago and has spread its butteriness throughout the world ever since. Butterfinger is a crispy orange coloured, peanut butter flavoured centre covered in chocolate. The candy bar is now under the Nestle family after being brought from Nabisco Brands Inc.

Favourite commercials from the brand including The Simpsons in between 1988 and 2001 but were later dropped as the cartoon series mocked them in some episodes.
Famous slogan used by the company “No-one better lay a finger on my Butterfinger,”

Brand New from the production line is Butterfingers Snackerz. Bitesize peanut buttery goodness. There are a few varieties from the brand. Loads of options to choose from when looking for a Butterfinger fix. One of the most requested candies from the USA.

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Indian Grocery Store

The Learning Bite

We went to a small grocery store called India Cash & Carry, which specializes in Indian food items (and has a small selection of Bollywood movies).

There is some produce, tea, Hindu religious kits, instant noodles, snacks, halal jello, protein powder drink mix for kids, and large bags of spices and flavorings such as turmeric, cumin, chile powder, tamarind, and mango powder. Here are a few things we picked up:


The sugar coated fennel seeds are like tiny, crunchy Good & Plenty… A nice balance of the fennel and sugar coating.
The Rajgira Laddoo (puffed amaranth brittle) is sort of like a rice crispy treat and tastes like kashi cereal.
The stuff with the scary pink bunny on the wrapper is a wafer that gets fried and is sort of like a chip. These are black pepper flavor.

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