Chunky Man Chocolate just got Honeycombed (Limited Time Only)

Some candy companies like some bars to be gender specific and Yorkie chocolate bar is one for the boys. “It’s not for girls,” was Yorkie slogan for a while until complaints started pouring in from Norway and England. For a brief period in Yorkie’s time the wrapper was pink in colour to apologies. Yorkie is a super chunky 5 split chocolate bar from Nestle originally from Rowntree in York (Hence the name “Yorkie”)
Original Yorkie is thick pieces of chunky Nestle milky chocolate. Limited Edition Yorkie Honeycomb is still a thick chunky chocolate bar, however with a heap spoonful of honeycomb pieces mixed in. The bar is sectioned into smaller 6 pieces rather than the 5 pieces. Manageable bite size piece perfect for the mouth to devour. First bite, engages a sweet smooth milk chocolate flavour with a chewy burnt sugar undertone. Second bite same again but a lot sweeter. By the 3rd/4th piece the burnt sugar taste is too much to handle and the bar s left to one side whilst the burning sensation disappears. Not a candy bar to scoff down. The honeycomb was irregularly scattered so some bite you got a lot of honeycomb, and other bites just pure chunky chocolate. Not one for the daily chocolate snacker.


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