Valentine’s: Candy That Says It For You, When You Can’t

Simple, edible, and says what you can’t to that someone special. They are hard, tablet shaped in various fruit flavours with short love messages printed on them. Made by the Swizzels Matlow company in the UK. These are one of the company’s most famous sweets to be produced. Sometimes can be hard to read as the sweets chip or get flooded with red highlighting as the writing on them are small.

In the recent years Love Hearts have been keeping up with the different trends through the years and  now the candies  including messages like “Text me, Slick Chick, LOL, and E-mail me” As well as the classics like “Marry me, Kiss me, and Dream Girl,” There have been stories about couples using Love Hearts to propose with or using them as wedding gifts for their guests. Wayne and Coleen Rooney got personalised sweets made up for their wedding in the Summer of 2008which read “Wayne and Coleen”. Love Hearts are pretty nice except the one that taste like Parma Violets.

You can buy them in tubes, giant size, in jars, and in small size. Love Hearts are accepting orders until 12 Noon Wednesday 13th February

How will you express your love this Valentine’s? Will Love Hearts help you say what you want to say to that someone special?


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