That’s How We (Tootsie) Roll


One of the first penny sweets to be individually wrapped. Tootsie Roll based in Chicago, and manufactured in the USA. They are the chewy variety and traditionally made in a cocoa flavour. The brand have also brought out additional flavours like cherry, vanilla, and grape. They are artificially flavoured.

You can buy Tootsie Roll in many varieties of sizes.They are a great Halloween candy as they are individually wrapped and come in the Midgee size for children hands. The tube of Tootsie comes in sections, however hard to pull off with your hand, so it’s better to bite the segment off instead. It has an artificially taste of cocoa when being chewed. The taste hangs around in the mouth for a long time after consumption. It becomes almost like taffy consistency after a while of chewing. You can mold it with your mouth pretty easily and some people have used Tootsie Roll to make sculptures with as it returns to a hard state. Not one of the favourites candies here at Candy Crash. One for the curious and ones who are getting into other types of candies. Tootsie has to be tried at least once, its a classic from America.


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