An Eggcellent Idea


Egg and spoon races have been in school summer sport days since schools have been established, but it’s only now when the good people at Cadburys decided to make edible chocolate eggs with matching purple spoons. Creatively packaged in a purple egg carton. 4 individually wrapped eggs in a pack with 2 spoons? Guessing each person gets 2 eggs to themselves or they short changed on the spoons. The spoons are quite tiny in size, more designed for children rather than adults to enjoy.

Purple foil wraps around each Egg and the spoons neatly placed in the middle waiting to be destroyed. There is some instructions on how to eat the egg on the cardboard packaging sleeve, so don’t panic if its looks indestructible, or too pretty to munch. Unwrap the foil, bit the top off and spoon the insides out. That Easy! You can easily destroy the egg whole if you’ve lost the spoons. Its really up to you as the consumer. The chocolate is the same sweet Cadbury chocolate that everybody loves, however doesn’t have the sweet sickly aftertaste that some of their products have. The insides was the white milky mousse which complimented well with the Cadbury chocolate outer shell. Lovely and smooth as the vanilla mousse melts in the mouth.

A satisfactory experience. Love the novelty, Love the idea, Love the chocolate and mousse combination. A good thumbs up to the Cadbury company for this creation. The price however isn’t savory some places you find these for £5 other places half the price. If you want these are a random Easter gift for someone. Shop around. Egg and Spoon also come in double choc flavour. They are also more of a dessert rather than a snack. A great after dinner treat for the kids 🙂


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