12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store: Part 1

Tokyo Desu

By Cal Widdall

Even a simple trip to the convenience store can become a confusing journey to a strange, mystical land in Japan. Here’s a look at twelve bizarre offerings common throughout Japanese conbinis (for Part 2 click here).

Collon Candy


Looks great until you read the name. There used to be a chocolate filled version too, which was even more visually upsetting. This variety is how we imagine the gingerbread man’s innards would look if he’d been tortured Braveheart-style in that scene from Shrek.

Tastes: Delightful. There’s a reason why other similarly terribly named Japanese treats like Asse have withdrawn from the market but Collon has stood the test of time.



Slat’s are all glitzy and orange, like the gyaru girls on the perfume counter of your nearest department store. They grab your attention with looks that promise a good time, but is this really what you want?…

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