Tropical Bliss


You want to get away from daily life, but haven’t got the money to book a tropical holiday? Announcing Bounty from the Mars company. Introduced in the 1950’s Bounty is a coconut filled candy bar wrapped in Dark or Milk Chocolate. A snippet of the price of a holiday and can be enjoyed now or later as it comes in two pieces wrapped in one wrapper. Not sold in the USA, however a similar product to Bounty is Mounds produced by the Hershey company. Bounty did bring out a Cherry flavoured candy bar in Australia, but it has now has been discontinued.

A refreshing but slightly sugary dessicated coconut flavour hits the back of your throat straight away once a bite has been taken. The chocolate is smooth and compliments well with the coconut filling. Milk chocolate has a sweeter taste to the dark chocolate which has more of a richer taste to the flavour of the bar. Bounty is very fragrant and can transport you to tropical bliss in a mere sniff. Its a 50/50 split in candy lovers about coconut and chocolate being mixed into a candy bar, however if you are a coconut lover. Recommendations all round for this candy bar.


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