Crispy Crunch, Chewy Munch

Another classic to enter Candy Crash Test. From the UK, and manufactured by the Nestle company, Toffee Crisp consists of puffed rice embedded in soft toffee and covered in milk chocolate. McDonalds for a limited edition did a Toffee Crisp Mcflurry. Nestle also brought out a snack bag called Toffee Crisp Clusters.

A completely different type of chocolate bar from anything else on the market at the moment. Think of Rice Krispies treats rolled in a thick milk chocolate layer. First bite is full of texture. Crunchy, Chewy and deliciously balanced. Toffee Crisp doesn’t have a horrible burning throat after taste sensation like some toffee/caramel chocolate bars. Crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey, Cant beat a good combination like that. One for the snack box for a energy boost and a pick me up.


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