The Natural Confectionery puzzle that you can guzzle

BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!The Natural Confectionery Company or TNCC is proud to be a confectioner that uses no artificial colours or flavourings within there products. Originally from Australia the company began as a small range named Binka’s, consisting of 3 products aimed at a niche market, but with new packaging and recipes, the TNCC has grown in popularity. In April 2003 The Natural Confectionery Company was bought out by Cadbury Schweppes. The range now covers over 18 different varieties of candies and has become one of Australia’s no.1 candy on the shelves at supermarkets today. The catchphrase “Bring on the trumpets!” is one of many surreal comments from the talking candy characters from the UK¬† TV ads that were aired in 2008.

Here’s the Guzzle Puzzle advert from the company
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Chocolate Nest Easter Treats

Chocolate Nest Easter Treats

Its coming up to Easter and what better way to celebrate by melting your favourite solid chocolate bar mixed some Shredded Wheat (a whole wheat cereal) Finished off with little chocolate easter eggs on top… So easy to make with the kids or to do for some small treats for yourself :3

Everlasting? Gobstoppers?

Willy Wonka Candy Company: One of the most craziest candy makers to date. Fitting since their name and ideas come from a children’s novel. This candy creation comes directly from the pages of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” when the children enter the invention room, Willy Wonka shows them a new creation. A creation that a small pocket full of change can buy and lasts forever and ever and never get any smaller. Today the review is about the mini sized Everlasting Gobstoppers. Continue reading

Soda & Tarts: Willy Wonka’s Flavoured Press Powder Tablet Combinations


“Greetings to you from Willy Wonka himself!
Tremendous things are in store for you!
Many tasty treats awaits you!
Inside this scrumdiddlyumptious package you will find MYSTIC and MARVELOUS that will Entrance, Intrigue and Delight you BEYOND MEASURE.
Son don’t just STAND THERE with you mouth open,
GO ON. Feed Your Imagination,”

The Willy Wonka Company was established in 1971 after the first film adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which starred Gene Wilder. They used licensed material from the original children’s book from the author Roald Dahl to create the new flavour sensations. They later used licensed material from the 2005 film adaptation which starred Johnny Depp, to create products from the book and films and using their own chocolatiers and candy experts to expand the brands product library. Willy Wonka Candy Company really do use their imaginations. Mostly producing candy for the American market, however selling candy all over the world in different locations. Wonka is now under the Nestle brand umbrella.
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Italian Dessert in a Swiss Roll?

On my travels around Belgium there were many, many delights for the taste buds to get excited over, however this one caught them out slightly. From the Milka company comes a swiss roll type chocolate snack bar. Tiramisu Tender chocolate cake roll consists of a chocolate sponge with a tiramisu (coffee/cream/chocolate) flavoured filling all covered in a thin layer of the famous Milka chocolate. A tiramisu if not don’t know what is it, is a classic Italian cream based dessert with different layers consisting of sponged fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with Marsala wine and cocoa.
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Chunky Nutty Milka Heaven

Sorry for the delay for this Review, however  it`s back to normal programming from now.
We`ve featured Milka chocolate before on Candy Crash, however I`ve gone over the warer to a little country called Belgium, and decided to devour some of their chocolatey treats. One of the most famous european brands of chocolate it has a very milky flavoured chocolate that can be incredibly moreish to the chocolate consumer. This variate is the hazelnut milka chocolate bar. Same great milka chocolate with added crunch. A lovely nutty smell comes from the broken chocolate.
A different eating experience for the tongue compared to the ordinary chocolate bar due to the different texture and the added flavour of the nuts. The bar is well balanced, the chocolate flavour doesnt over power the nuts and visa versa. The hazelnut variety comes in all shapes and sizes to be purchase any time any where for that chocolate break.