Italian Dessert in a Swiss Roll?

On my travels around Belgium there were many, many delights for the taste buds to get excited over, however this one caught them out slightly. From the Milka company comes a swiss roll type chocolate snack bar. Tiramisu Tender chocolate cake roll consists of a chocolate sponge with a tiramisu (coffee/cream/chocolate) flavoured filling all covered in a thin layer of the famous Milka chocolate. A tiramisu if not don’t know what is it, is a classic Italian cream based dessert with different layers consisting of sponged fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese, and flavored with Marsala wine and cocoa.

This one was slightly baffling, it looked like a swiss roll, textured like a swiss roll, however with a slightly italian coffee/cream taste to it. The smell definitely defined the smell of the classic dessert from Italy. The flavours complimented well, nothing was over powering within the Tender. Slight  sweet coffee aftertaste but nothing unpleasant. It was like eating a portable tiramisu. Surprisingly tasty, and would buy another one… if they ever got sold in the UK of course. European dessert in snack form, can’t go wrong with that.


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