Soda & Tarts: Willy Wonka’s Flavoured Press Powder Tablet Combinations


“Greetings to you from Willy Wonka himself!
Tremendous things are in store for you!
Many tasty treats awaits you!
Inside this scrumdiddlyumptious package you will find MYSTIC and MARVELOUS that will Entrance, Intrigue and Delight you BEYOND MEASURE.
Son don’t just STAND THERE with you mouth open,
GO ON. Feed Your Imagination,”

The Willy Wonka Company was established in 1971 after the first film adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which starred Gene Wilder. They used licensed material from the original children’s book from the author Roald Dahl to create the new flavour sensations. They later used licensed material from the 2005 film adaptation which starred Johnny Depp, to create products from the book and films and using their own chocolatiers and candy experts to expand the brands product library. Willy Wonka Candy Company really do use their imaginations. Mostly producing candy for the American market, however selling candy all over the world in different locations. Wonka is now under the Nestle brand umbrella.
The Willy Wonka inspired candies that are being reviewed are Bottle Caps and SweeTarts from their flavoured pressed powder candy collection.

The tangy candy,”
Fruit flavoured pressed candies with an added sour tang. Artifically flavoured. Consisting of Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Grape. A very pungent smell of fruit flavours can be smelt from the outside of the package. Bright pink and blue packaging appeals to the eye, with a simplistic design. Each flavour of candy compliments one another well within the packet. The grape is the only one you can tell that is artificially flavoured, the other flavours within Sweetarts are pretty much simular to the original natural flavour. I personally wouldn’t eat the whole packet in one sitting as the tang can become sickly after feeling and the sourness really over powers the flavour of the candy. 
One for the sour lovers out there.

“The Soda Pop Candy,”
Based on the favourite soda pop flavours in the USA at the moment including cola, cherry, root beer, orange and grape. The little candies are shaped as bottle tops from glass bottle soda pops which adds to the fun. Over sweet smelling and like SweeTarts can be smelt from the outside of the package. Each colour represents a flavour e.g. orange is orange, brown is cola and so forth. All flavours are incredibly close to their actual flavours in real life, except for grape which tastes really artificial and root beer that tastes like TCP. TCP is a anti-bacterial mouthwash you can buy in the UK. All flavours are great together apart from root beer which over powers absolutely everything in the mouth. They do become quite sickly and need to be eaten on a few sittings, not just the one. Disappointing from the start and not what was expected from them from the packaging, however highly addictive due to the artificial flavourings.


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