Everlasting? Gobstoppers?

Willy Wonka Candy Company: One of the most craziest candy makers to date. Fitting since their name and ideas come from a children’s novel. This candy creation comes directly from the pages of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” when the children enter the invention room, Willy Wonka shows them a new creation. A creation that a small pocket full of change can buy and lasts forever and ever and never get any smaller. Today the review is about the mini sized Everlasting Gobstoppers.
Jawbreakers that change colour and flavours,”
Artificially coloured and flavoured.
These aren’t too hard to break with your teeth right at the beginning, however after a few minutes in the mouth, they are slightly easier to crunch. Same flavours are present within the box as with any Willy Wonka candy creation. These include grape, orange, lemon, apple and cherry. The Gobstoppers can’t be smelt through the box, nor once opened. This is possibly because they have a hard shell and can brush up against one another to create a scent.

Once crunched they have a white powdery centre. Unfortunately the new flavour cannot be identified straight away due to the previous one being over powering and the inside being very sugary sweet. Cherry goes into a vague orange flavour and apple has a subtle grape flavour on the inside. These flavours are hard to pick up if you crunch into the gobstoppers straight away. So after a few minutes in the mouth before crunching, the flavours can be identified quite easily. Too many of these little things in a sitting can be incredibly sickly, however a smaller box is an ideal dose of these candies.


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