The Natural Confectionery puzzle that you can guzzle

BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!The Natural Confectionery Company or TNCC is proud to be a confectioner that uses no artificial colours or flavourings within there products. Originally from Australia the company began as a small range named Binka’s, consisting of 3 products aimed at a niche market, but with new packaging and recipes, the TNCC has grown in popularity. In April 2003 The Natural Confectionery Company was bought out by Cadbury Schweppes. The range now covers over 18 different varieties of candies and has become one of Australia’s no.1 candy on the shelves at supermarkets today. The catchphrase “Bring on the trumpets!” is one of many surreal comments from the talking candy characters from the UK  TV ads that were aired in 2008.

Here’s the Guzzle Puzzle advert from the company
Guzzle Puzzle is one of the products from the TNCC. It has what looks like nut and bolt flavoured shaped candies that combine together to form other flavour combinations.
Raspberry + Lime = Pink Lemonade
Orange + Banana = Bubblegum
Lime + Cinnamon = Cola
Once the packet is open the smell is quite sweet but not overpowering. Its only a small bag, so you don’t get many pieces of candy if you make the combinations, however you can eat them singularly of course. Singularly, the gummies are chewy and bursting with flavour. Each gummy tasting exactly to what the colour indicates e.g. lime = green.
Together the flavours mixed well on the tongue and the combination flavours can be picked out easily whilst chewing them together, if they become single whilst chewing the combine flavour disappears. The combination works better if you place the two whole gummies in your mouth and chew together at the same time, instead of biting little pieces off the gummies.
These are fun to mix up and try and guess the other flavour combinations. Great little packet for the children or for the health conscience as they are completely natural. Nothing nasty lurking in these. Grab yourself a pack and guzzle yourself a flavour bursting puzzle.


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