ULTIMATE KIT-KAT BOX; Shinshu Duo, Apples, Hot Pepper and Tokai Red Bean Sandwich



Our journey continues, this week two flavours from Shinshu (a place that technically doesn’t exist) and one from a place I’ve never heard of.

Shinshu Apples


This is one of the flavours in the box I’ve unfortunately reviewed before. Last time I said;

“Real chocolate (hooray) and a really powerful apple odour from the second the packet is opened. Actually a really, really nice apple odour. So apple-ey that it  goes right past apple and settles somewhere near apple flavoured chewing gum i.e. concentrated apple smell. More apple-ey than an apple.

The taste is much less strong than the smell but still pretty strong. The apple kills all the chocolate notes stone dead. The only thing you can taste here is apple. Although the chocolate does come through in the aftertaste.

And all in all it’s pretty good. Not too sweet, nice and rich, plenty complex and definitely apple-ey. Solid.”

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Marvellous… Creative Candy Creations Presented By Cadbury


The second chocolate season (Easter) has departed, however Cadbury has been busier than even bringing out a UK variety of their Australian chocolate confectionery delights.  The chocolate range called “Marvellous Creations“. The packaging is fun, carnival like and eye catching to the candy lover. A refreshing look compared to the standard purple wrapping with small changes in details to show the different varieties. This packing cries out FUN. The 2 new varieties up for people to grab are “Cookie Nut Crunch,” and “Jelly Popping Candy Shells,”

Candy Crash Test brought the smaller bars, however these are available in a larger size (200g) in most supermarkets.
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Fruit Bursting Sensations

Wrigley’s Extra has been giving us the right to chew since 1984. Candy Crash Test has already reviewed the “Extra Dessert Delight” of Key Lime Pie which were absolutely delicious. Click the link for the review…

Key lime pie gum review

Whilst at Yankee Doodle Candy Cart in the Bullring, Birmingham, UK. Extra “Fruit Sensations” gum was discovered and brought. 15 sticks of “Sweet Watermelon” flavoured gum.  Sugar free and artificially flavoured. Before you even unwrap the clear film a strong sweet melon smell comes from within the packaging, as you unwrap the smell of watermelon can easily knock you out. Its that strong!
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A Peanut Butter Cup Time

Down in the basement in Hershey, Pennsylvania 1928, one man invented a taste sensation, which is now being enjoyed all around the world. Reese was that man and by using Hershey chocolate in his confectionery, he created the sensation known as the “Peanut Butter Cup,”. The peanut butter cup is one of the most popular candies in America and can be made at home or brought from any food outlet.

Peanut butter cups are molded chocolate candies with a peanut butter filling inside. They comes in a variety of different sizes and variants. Reese’s also takes the basic idea of peanut butter and chocolate and re-creating it into products like Reese’s Pieces and Nutrageous.
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Chewy, Juicy, Squidy Randomness



A mixed up bag of juicy jellies and squidy foamy sweets, in a mind-boggling array of shapes,”

Launched in 2009 Rowntree’s (famous for it’s fruit pastilles) gave us Randoms. Containing 20% fruit juice and made from natural flavourings, with no added preservatives. Randoms are a bag of very mixed up gummies with bursts of flavour every time you chew. They have juicy flavours including blackcurrant, cherry, lemon, and strawberry to dance on you’re taste buds and come in 4 varieties of gummy. These are you’re regular gummies, liquid filled gummies, foamy gummies, your foamy back gummies. Each differently shaped into every day objects from every day life. You can puzzle away at the fact that the ice-cream cone is looking insightful as the bicycle rides pass only to stop suddenly for the beetle to walk across the road. A few examples of the random objects that can be found in a Random bag.
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