Chewy, Juicy, Squidy Randomness


A mixed up bag of juicy jellies and squidy foamy sweets, in a mind-boggling array of shapes,”

Launched in 2009 Rowntree’s (famous for it’s fruit pastilles) gave us Randoms. Containing 20% fruit juice and made from natural flavourings, with no added preservatives. Randoms are a bag of very mixed up gummies with bursts of flavour every time you chew. They have juicy flavours including blackcurrant, cherry, lemon, and strawberry to dance on you’re taste buds and come in 4 varieties of gummy. These are you’re regular gummies, liquid filled gummies, foamy gummies, your foamy back gummies. Each differently shaped into every day objects from every day life. You can puzzle away at the fact that the ice-cream cone is looking insightful as the bicycle rides pass only to stop suddenly for the beetle to walk across the road. A few examples of the random objects that can be found in a Random bag.

Randoms are endless fun and are a nice gummy treat when you’re feeling blue and need a small cheer up, especially when you get the odd-er shaped objects in your Randoms bag. They give you a smile and the flavours go on and on and on  until you swallow and you chew another, then the cycle continues. You can make endless stories up with the random objects, the only limit is you’re imagination. A small bag or even a giant bag these gummies can be addictive. They might even inspire you to make a stop motion film filled with romance and tradegy. Whether you’re feeling down or just want something to smile about. These little chewy gummies are by far the best pick me up. Have a chew, have a Random monkey butts.


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