A Peanut Butter Cup Time

Down in the basement in Hershey, Pennsylvania 1928, one man invented a taste sensation, which is now being enjoyed all around the world. Reese was that man and by using Hershey chocolate in his confectionery, he created the sensation known as the “Peanut Butter Cup,”. The peanut butter cup is one of the most popular candies in America and can be made at home or brought from any food outlet.

Peanut butter cups are molded chocolate candies with a peanut butter filling inside. They comes in a variety of different sizes and variants. Reese’s also takes the basic idea of peanut butter and chocolate and re-creating it into products like Reese’s Pieces and Nutrageous.
Candy Crash is going to go traditional today with the 2 traditional peanut butter cups packet. In Europe this packet can be found with 3 peanut butter cups. We mention previously about the White chocolate peanut butter cups, but in the Candy Crash research lab we only have the traditional ones at present. White chocolate to come as soon as we find them. These can be brought in most food outlets across the world. The traditional peanut butter cups are the main product of the Reese’s range from the Hershey company.

The packaging is a bright orange design with the yellow Reese’s emblazoned on the top of the packet, a simple picture of the product is in the corner and a simple description is underneath the logo. A eye grabber of a packet. The smell of peanut butter can’t  be smelt on the outside, however as soon as you open the packet, the smell bursts out straight into your nostrils. There is a white cardboard slide in the packet to keep the cups in perfect condition whilst on the shelf, in transport and whilst they’re in your back pocket. The chocolate covering the filling is the famous Hershey chocolate. An American styled chocolate with a sweet flavour.

Each cup comes with its own little crumb tray (case) so you can catch and eat every last bit of the peanut butter cup. Incredible peanut butter filling, smooth and full of flavour. The cups are little over powering, it can become quite sweet and little sickly if you eat them all at the same time, however because you have individual portions you can have another one for later and if your lucky by getting the 3 peanut butter cup packet you’re snacks throughout the day are sorted for you all in one little packet. If you’re a lover of chocolate and peanut butter, it’s time for a Reese’s peanut butter cup.


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