Fruit Bursting Sensations

Wrigley’s Extra has been giving us the right to chew since 1984. Candy Crash Test has already reviewed the “Extra Dessert Delight” of Key Lime Pie which were absolutely delicious. Click the link for the review…

Key lime pie gum review

Whilst at Yankee Doodle Candy Cart in the Bullring, Birmingham, UK. Extra “Fruit Sensations” gum was discovered and brought. 15 sticks of “Sweet Watermelon” flavoured gum.  Sugar free and artificially flavoured. Before you even unwrap the clear film a strong sweet melon smell comes from within the packaging, as you unwrap the smell of watermelon can easily knock you out. Its that strong!

The first chews carry the strongest of the flavour and almost comes with a stinging sensation. Almost like your mouth and tongue has become tingly and cold with all the sweet watermelon flavour. Very intense throughout the first couple of chews. Once you have chewed a bit longer the sweet watermelon begins to show a more pleasurable flavour. The flavour lasted for a very long time and the piece of gum never went bland, it still created a good flavour. A great summer gum and perfect to chew on a nice summers day when you want a fruity fix. Just don’t leave them in your bag for too long, the smell of them is so strong it lingers around, even if you take the packet out. You can even smell the packet of gum even if it’s on the table next to your computer at an arms length away.

Because Candy Crash Test had 2 different gums from the same maker, we decided to try both at the same time.
The Result: You have a sudden burst of the key lime pie when you first start chewing the both gums then the water melon seeps through a bit at a time.The key lime pie flavour is intensified and the sweet watermelon flavour is has hints coming through at the end of each chew. Pleasurable but not really recommended. They are both incredibly strong flavours, so you need to chew a lot to get to a flavour which the tongue and taste buds approve but the jaw doesn’t.


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