Marvellous… Creative Candy Creations Presented By Cadbury


The second chocolate season (Easter) has departed, however Cadbury has been busier than even bringing out a UK variety of their Australian chocolate confectionery delights.  The chocolate range called “Marvellous Creations“. The packaging is fun, carnival like and eye catching to the candy lover. A refreshing look compared to the standard purple wrapping with small changes in details to show the different varieties. This packing cries out FUN. The 2 new varieties up for people to grab are “Cookie Nut Crunch,” and “Jelly Popping Candy Shells,”

Candy Crash Test brought the smaller bars, however these are available in a larger size (200g) in most supermarkets.

On inspection after opening the packet, all is not what is seems. The straight square pieces has been swapped with crazy patterned almost pebble shaped pieces. Looks far more appealing and the chocolate already feel more fun without even eating it. “Cookie Nut Crunch,” comprises of biscuit chunks, crunchy nut caramel and roasted nuts mixed into the famous glass and a half Dairy Milk chocolate.
Each ingredients has been balanced nicely, so sometimes you’ll have a bit of caramel, sometimes biscuit or some roasted nuts within the piece that you are eating. Each flavour compliments well with one another. The crunchy caramel was appealing on the taste buds, however the biscuit pieces lack a good flavour and got lost in the dairy milk flavour of the chocolate. One for the candy lovers that are not a fan of over sweet candies and chocolate. Cadbury should attempt a salted caramel bar though, definitely will be a winner in the Candy Crash Test Lab.

This creation incorporated jelly pieces, sugar-coated candy pieces and popping candy within the famous Dairy Milk chocolate. Same shaped pieces creating fun before you even taste the chocolate pieces. As soon as you take a bite out of the chocolate it begins. The popping candy crackling at the back of your throat and neck. The little chocolate shells that look like M&Ms are a welcomed surprise inside, however they don’t really give much more flavour to the candy bar itself. The candy shells give more texture by adding crunch to the smooth chocolate, but that was all. In the small packet the fruit jellies were few in numbers, but gives a nice fruity lift from all the plain chocolate flavour. Overall this creation is a little disappointing. The popping candy gets annoying after a while, always being there at the back of the neck and there isn’t enough jelly pieces to chew on throughout the bar to give you a rest break from all the chocolate that the bar encases. This makes it quite sickly.

Results: Cookie Nut Crunch will be purchased again. Was lovely, crunchy, well balanced, except for the bland pieces of biscuit it was a different variety of chocolate. Jelly popping candy, well… if you like popping candy a hell of a lot of don’t mind the odd one or two jelly pieces with loads of chocolate flavours, this one is for you. To us it was disappointing and will not be purchased again. Shame as Candy Crash Test was quite excited by the labeling and what it was offering.


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