ULTIMATE KIT-KAT BOX; Shinshu Duo, Apples, Hot Pepper and Tokai Red Bean Sandwich



Our journey continues, this week two flavours from Shinshu (a place that technically doesn’t exist) and one from a place I’ve never heard of.

Shinshu Apples


This is one of the flavours in the box I’ve unfortunately reviewed before. Last time I said;

“Real chocolate (hooray) and a really powerful apple odour from the second the packet is opened. Actually a really, really nice apple odour. So apple-ey that it  goes right past apple and settles somewhere near apple flavoured chewing gum i.e. concentrated apple smell. More apple-ey than an apple.

The taste is much less strong than the smell but still pretty strong. The apple kills all the chocolate notes stone dead. The only thing you can taste here is apple. Although the chocolate does come through in the aftertaste.

And all in all it’s pretty good. Not too sweet, nice and rich, plenty complex and definitely apple-ey. Solid.”

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