It Takes Two To Snack Upon

A staple chocolate bar… sorry chocolate bars… in the lunch box of children, men and women a like. Everyone has possible had a variety of it but it still remains that the classic is always the one to go for. Twix is a biscuit base covered in chocolate with a caramel layer in between. Twix is manufactured by Mars inc. These candy bars usually comes in pairs and never ventures too far from other pieces of Twix in other varieties. Produced in 1967 in the United Kingdom, but its sold across the world. Fun Fact: They use be called Raider in most Europe countries but changed their name to Twix in 1991 and then more countries in 2000 to help with worldwide commercials and promotions.

Twix comes in a lovely golden packet with Twix in bright red to draw your eyes to the packaging. The packet once open had a faint caramel, chocolate smell coming from the inside. The two little chocolate pieces wrapped comfortably but not too tight so they smash together whilst in transit.

There are many ways to eat a Twix.
1. Munch one completely then the other
2. Snap both in two then you have 4 pieces of Twix rather than 2
3. Eat the chocolate and caramel off the biscuit base then eat the base
4. Eat both together
5. Other Eating habits of a Twix that we at Candy Crash Test haven’t encounter yet

It a good mix of chocolate and caramel with the biscuit base as a rest bite from the sugar overload. Twix also has a very satisfactory snap if you snap them in half. A good sturdy biscuit base makes a good snap. A excellent all rounder for any occasion and you can always save one for later if you can resist not eating it once the packet is opened.


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