Japanese Snacking Adventure

Life Notes

Just got back from 7/11 – don’t laugh, they are not the convenience stores we have in the states.  These are convenience stores to the epic degree.  They have bento box lunches and snacks/candies galore!

As stated in an earlier post I am going to try difference snack type things while in Japan.  Most of them I have no idea what they are, sometimes not even after eating it. Maybe you can help me identify it.

This week’s take from 7/11 are:

20130512_195501These are small chocolate dipped bread sticks that look like fantasy mushrooms.  Quite good, not sweet but I am guessing the carbohydrate count is probably something I should not indulge in often.  Glad I know they are there though, for emergency chocolate fixes!





20130512_195351These are exactly like American Bugles







These are snack packs, crunchy and salty rice crackers. …

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