Kisses For Me: Cookies “N” Creme

When you want to be comforted, or in need of a cheer up from a rotten day at work. A hug and a kiss from our love ones is usually the best therapy. When the house is empty and you’re in need of a pick me up, another solution is Hershey’s Kisses. A bite size teardrop shaped chocolate candy wrapped in foil with a small paper token. In 1989 Kisses were the 5th most popular brand in the US and still produce over 60 million Kisses each day. That’s a lot of kisses…Hershey’s Kisses are naturally and artificially flavoured. They come in all sorts of different varieties from dark to almond to cookies and creme. The packaging is a resealable zip lock bag which is handy if you want to keep some aside for later, also handy to put the empty wrappers back in. Today the Kiss flavour to be reviewed is Cookies “N” Creme. A white chocolate flavoured candy with cookie bits.

On opening the packaging the smell of cookies and milk fills the airwaves. Not as pungent as other US brands where they hit in the face with the smell of their products. The little teardrop candies are neatly wrapped in blue and silver foils with a paper token with the word “cookies” coming out from the top. By pulling the little paper token the foil unwraps to reveal the chocolate inside.
The smell is milky yet subtle, on the looks department its looks appealing and looks to have many cookie pieces inside. You can either crunch you way through the kisses or let the chocolate melt around the cookies before crunching them to pieces. The white chocolate is smooth and creamy, but has a very sweet after taste. With the cookie pieces, they bring texture to the kisses, however they don’t bring any flavour to the tear drops, maybe a small hint of cookie flavour at the end once the kiss has been munched but nothing more than that.

Great as a gift who loves cookie and creme related products, on the other hand Candy Crash Test recommends a variety selection of the Hershey’s kisses as the cookies and creme can become too sweet and too sickly after a couple. The lab rats at Candy Crash Test managed around 7 – 8 kisses before they had to reseal the bag and had to continue to sample these on another eating session. Sometimes candy just has to be eaten bit by bit.

Also if you want you’re real kisses to taste like chocolate, here’s Hershey’s Kisses lip balm available on for $5.


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