Paper + Salva + Pixy Stixs = Problem Brewing


Another creation from the Wonka brand which is owned by Nestle is “Pixy Stix”. A powdered candy that is wrapped up in paper (small) or plastic (large) that resembles a drinking straw. The sherbet candy is usually poured into the mouth from the wrapper. Normally artificially and naturally flavoured. Invented in 1952 “Pixy Stix” nearly became extinct in the 1960s due to hard powdered candy tablets becoming more popular e.g Sweetarts.
“Pixy Stix” comes in a variety of flavours including grape,cherry, strawberry, and orange. Here at Candy Crash Test we were presented with the small paper Pixy Stixs. This became more of a chore than a pleasurable experience.
Ripping an opening was easy enough, however after the first bit of sherbet comes out and tingles the tongue, the problems started. The sherbet got stuck on the wet saliva patch, and blocked the rest  from fallen on to the tongue waiting below. So the paper had to be teared off and the process repeated until the tube was no more than a stub with a small amount of sherbet left. Wondering whether the paper was editable, Candy Crash Test did try to eat the paper wrapper only to find it wasn’t and just made a wet paper spit ball instead. These problems don’t arise when tasting the larger plastic stixs, except for some sherbet crystals sticking to the outside of the plastic tube, a quick wipe and it was unblocked.
The best solution for the problem after a lot of practise is trying not to hit the paper tube with your tongue or your teeth to get a free flow of sherbet. The regular “Pixy Stixs” consumer is well aware and well practiced. The sherbet will be slightly hard to swallow as it gathers at the back of your throat. A few minutes it dissolves and a giant flavour burst comes from the aftermath of swallow the powder. You will find yourself on a sugar high and may feel positively sick if you eat a far amount of them in one sitting. You can always see how many tubes of “Pixy Stixs” you can pour into your mouth or use them as pick up sticks. Great for Halloween for all the passing trick or treaters.

If you love the taste of great sherbet without the fuse and fiddly packaging, We at Candy Crash Test recommend “Fun Dip”. Using the same powder as “Pixy Stixs” you get the same great flavours, however you get 2 lik-a-sticks to lick and dip into the powder. So you get a even flavour, and less mess if you miss your mouth.


2 thoughts on “Paper + Salva + Pixy Stixs = Problem Brewing

  1. As a kid, I used to buy Pixy Stix. (What kid wouldn’t want to eat a tube of sugar?) The drug stores sold them individually for 1 or 2 cents. We just tore open the top of the paper tube with our teeth, poured the flavored mix in our mouth and enjoyed.

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