Gateau Without The Cream Chocolate Bar

Made in New Zealand under the Cadbury brand comes a gateau without the cream, portable and fits in your pocket. Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest is a milk chocolate bar with dark chocolate biscuit pieces and cherry jelly fruit pieces mixed in. Comes in small snack size or large sharing size bars.

On first impressions, the bar can be recognized as a Cadbury product with the distinct dark and light purple wrapper. Split into 8 bite size pieces they can be easily gobbed up in a single bite. A small smell of artificial fruitiness came from the chocolate as it was being unwrapped, then the familiar glass and a half smell came through and overpowers the previous smell.This bar isn’t for the nibbler or the slow melt in the mouth person. The ingredients are lovely on their own but are very separate and it’s only when you much the bite size piece in one go do you get the hit of all the flavours combined to create the black forest gateau without the cream flavour. The biscuit doesn’t provide any flavour but provides a good crunch throughout the black forest bar. The gummy pieces were evenly spread out and brings a burst of cherry flavour to the mix. They do stick to your teeth, and linger a lot longer in the month than the rest of the chocolate bar due to the stickiness. A Perfect balance of smooth, chewy and crunchiness. No wonder this bar is a popular cadbury product throughout the world. Just a great chocolate bar with great flavours, a good sharer or a good selfish all mine bar. Sit back and enjoy.


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