Unripen Cherry


Offered by MacRobertson’s an Australian confectioner until Cadbury brought the product in 1967, Cherry Ripe is one of the oldest and one of the top chocolate brands to be sold in Australia. Cherry Ripe consists of shredded coconut, cherries coated in Old Gold dark chocolate.The packaging is bright red and stands out on the shelf from most of the other chocolate bars on offer. On opening the packet the Old Gold is a strong smell with a hint of coconut coming in from the wings. When snapped in two, the coconut is almost the same shade as the packaging, blood red. You can see tiny speckles of the cherry within the coconut.

First impressions of the flavour reminds us guys at Candy Crash of the Dark Bounty we reviewed a few months back.


Again a refreshing but slightly sugary dessicated coconut flavour hits the back of your throat with a bitter aftertaste from the dark chocolate that lingers for quite a while.

The disappointment from the chocolate bar is the lack of cherry flavour within the bar. The packaging boasts “Big Cherry Flavour” however after eating half the bar, the cherry flavour is no where to be seen on the taste buds. Its doesn’t seem to show up even if you eat just the cherry pieces with a fraction of the coconut, it just get overpowered by the chocolate and the coconut covering them. If Bounty is unavailable this is the nearest chocolate product in taste. On investigation Bounty also has a cherry variety that was a limited edition but remains as a regular since 2013 in Australia. In conclusion Cherries? What cherries? We didn’t taste no cherries…


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