Bamboozled with Kazoozles

A new candy that I found in Cybercandy from the world of Wonka from Nestle. Kazoozles were introduced in 2009 as a 2 pack but later doubled to 4 chewy ropes. They come in 3 varieties strawberry and watermelon, cherry punch and pink lemonade. Fat free, artificially and naturally flavoured. Kazoozles come in a bright green wrapper with the Wonka logo proudly in the left hand corner.

On opening the packet your not hit in the face with a pungent artificial sweet smell like some of their other products on sale. The ropes themselves don’t smell of too much either except for a slight strawberry smell. They are soft to the touch and even a squeeze to a rope leaves a finger print immortalized until the rope is eaten. The watermelon filling stays in middle firmly. You can bend the ropes to eat them whole or rip them bit by bit. It really is up to the candy eater. You can eat them however you like. We tried taking the strawberry off the watermelon filling but it was too soft and got quite tricky.

The strawberry flavour is juicy, bursting with taste, however the main star of the show is the watermelon. It tangs on your tongue as soon as you bite into the rope. It slightly sour so compliments the strawberry well. Whichever way you choose to eat Kazoozles, sweet and sour is in harmony. Sometimes the sourness does overpower the sweet mostly if you bit straight down through the middle. Candy Crash Test lab rats didn’t think Kazoozles were going to be a hit, but they have proven them wrong, and they just cant get enough of the combination. If you have a mouth ulcer though just be careful Kazoozles sourness will make it sting to high heaven. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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