Breakfast Chocolate Cornflakes: Snack on the Go


AH yes! Milka with their iconic purple and white cow and milky chocolate from the Swiss. Famous for their chocolate and now even more known for their wacky combinations, whether it’s crackers and chocolate or raisins and cornflakes. I accidentally picked up,taste and review the cornflake and raisin selection. Skeptical at first as the thought of chocolate and raisins makes me run in the other direction, but I just took a deep breath and… yeah, OK! I admit… I didn’t read the label, I saw “cornflakes” and took it. I regret nothing… the balance of chocolate, cornflakes and raisins is complete heaven. Though some clusters have more raisins where others have none. They still tasted pretty good which each morsel.

A chewy texture with a crunch to it makes it  fulfilling as it gives you the feeling that you are indeed having a hearty chocolatey snack. The chocolate flavor proves a good strength whilst chewing as the raisins add more after the chocolate has melted. If you are a fan of raisins, this is the snack for you! Although the bag looks small in comparison to other share bags, beware! these shouldn’t be eaten in one go as I tried and now suffer the infamous belly ache. This snack can only be found mostly around Central,  East Europe and South America I do reccomend giving it a taste if you get the opportunity. If not, then I wouldnt recommend it, you’d be better off with a tasty a caramel chocolate Milka bar.
These were the opinions of Candy Crash Test lab rat Cyanide,  if you have any of your own to share, Don’t be shy and comment below!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Chocolate Cornflakes: Snack on the Go

  1. Hi, thanks for reading and liking my Skittles post! This is a really fun topic for a blog – great reviews too. Have you ever reviewed the Clark Bar? I know they’re considered “vintage” candy, but we still have them here in regular stores like Farm and Fleet or Dollar General. To be honest, I’ve never actually eaten one. They were a favorite of my late Grandpa, who nearly lived to the age of 90. Can’t be that bad for you at that rate!

    1. Unfortunately being based in the UK we can’t grab American candies as easily as we want to. Definitely will put it on our review list. It Would be nice to try a vintage as we believe they made the way for the candy we enjoy now a days 🙂 They certainly can’t be that bad if he lived to that age!

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