Nobody Calls Me Moon Pie


Nobody called me moon pie but Mee-maw,” Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, Season 2, Episode 17

Moon Pie is the original marshmallow sandwich since 1917. Made in Tennessee from the Chattanooga Bakery. It consists of two round graham crackers, with marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate or a flavoured covering. You can get them in mini version and also double decker versions. Usual flavourings are banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. The double decker variety consists of another layer of cracker and marshmellow filling and also comes in two other flavours, lemon and orange.
Here at Candy Crash Test we brought two varieties of the double decker Moon Pie. Chocolate and Banana.


Packaging is a single foil wrapper with the logo and a pictural artist representation of the item is on the front. Packaging open and a burst of banana comes out and smacks you in the face. It comes out intact. A few pieces of the coating comes off the moon pie, however these can be caught inside the packaging if you don’t take the whole Moon Pie out. Soft to the touch and easily breakable.
The bite is very soft, no crunch which was previous thought. Unfortunately you’re disappointed slightly as the marshmallow can’t be tasted due to the overpowering banana coating and the strong graham crackers. An after taste of a sweet sugary banana lingers for a long time after eating the Pie. The nearest thing to a moon pie is a tea cake in the UK which is biscuit base, marshmallow filling with a chocolate covering with a little blob of jam to compliment all other flavours. The moon pie becomes very sweet after a couple of bites with the sweet marshmallow. A break in the sweetness comes from the layers of graham crackers, but it doesn’t last for long and the sweetness hits the back of your throat once again.


Same as before except the chocolate covering taste over from the banana. Very sweet, and too much to handle in a double decker variety. When you open the packaging a burst of American sweet smelling chocolate comes through and looks slightly more appealing in the packaging instead of the yellow glow of the banana one. By sheer smell along the chocolate one is more appealing than the banana Moon Pie. Again very soft texture and the marshmallow filling didn’t come through when munching the Pie. The graham crackers complimented better with the chocolate as the banana one it clashed and became sickly quickly. The original wins over the funky flavoured Moon Pie.
We at Candy Crash Test recommend the traditional size Moon Pie if you do wish to give these little slices of America a try.


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