A New British American Interlock

A New British American Interlock

Cadbury’s the famous chocolate from Bournville, Birmingham UK has teamed up with Oreo Cookies from American Nabisco division of Mondelēz International to create a mix up. Creamy half and a glass of pure cadbury chocolate with a milky creme inside incasing the Oreo cookie pieces.

The wrapper was easy to open from the back. Whilst open a  strong sweet smell came from the inside, almost like white chocolate. On first bite you get a good crunch from the Oreo cookies, however their flavour is lost. You do get a good burst of flavour from the chocolate and the smooth milky creme on the inside, however n swallowing the chocolate a strong sweet aftertaste hits the back of your throat. If you let the chocolate slowly melt then chew the remains, you do get the famous Oreo flavour that many people know and love.

If you like Cadbury and like Oreos this is the bar for you. Candy Crash thought it was quite sweet and the lab rats who were researching this bar could only had 2 – 3 pieces each as they had enough of the sweetness. One for the sweet tooth candy lover.


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