Canadian Candy Chews

Canadian Candy… or is it gum?! *trumpet sounds*Razzles were originally introduced in 1966, with the advertising slogan and jingle of, “First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.” The only flavour back then was raspberry. In 1986 Razzles were brought acquired by Concord Confectionios Ltd. Artificially flavoured they now come in a variety of flavours including grape and lemon. Razzles have other flavour combinations (Tropical and Sour).Razzles are wrapped in a simple blue paper packaging with “RAZZLES” emblazoned across the middle. On opening its a burst of a chalky fruity flavour hitting you in the face, not as bad as Wonka fruit candy boxes where you can smell the candies through the actual packaging. The Razzles look like round hard pressed powered candies, coloured in appropriate colours to suit the flavour. E.g yellow is lemon.

By letting get soft in the mouth first you get a taste of each flavour as it dissolves into the gum, then a burst of flavour enters your mouth as soon as you start chewing the gum inside. You can just crunch and chew straight to the gum. A slightly crystallized texture remains from the hard powered shell as you chew. By chewing two flavours together, you only get the over powering flavour of the two. Lemon completely over powered raspberry, however a slightly raspberry flavour can be detected through the after taste of each chew. Some flavours are better than others, but you get that in most fruit flavoured packets.

Jack of all trades. Razzles are fun, fruity and can last a lot longer than majority of fruit candies due to the gum aspect. A different kind of candy and enjoyed by the Candy Crash Test team. Well done Canadian for producing a in between candy for the undecided of us who likes candy and gum. Thumbs up.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Candy Chews

  1. Love Razzles! Definitely an underrated candy and easy to work with! haha. I used them in my life-size James Dean piece but haven’t since due to their grainy look. Their packaging definitely gives them a prettier and more appealing look.

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