The Bar That Yodels Part Tuc

Milka is back and with two new biscuit and chocolate combinations, you’ve heard cyanide’s report on Milka with Lu, now here’s the other part to the quest of finding which one is best out of the combinations.

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A Biscuit That Yodels


Milka has released these new chocolate bars that are combined with different biscuits and crackers from other makers. Today I decided to give Milka and Lu biscuit combo a try. Straight off the bat I can say that this chocolate bar is anything but disappointing. No more different than a Twix without the caramel, it still delivers a great taste. It has the rich milky flavor of Milka chocolate that we all know, however with a crunchy texture of the Lu biscuit which allows the different flavours to combine and to linger in your mouth leaving you wanting more. Continue reading