A Biscuit That Yodels


Milka has released these new chocolate bars that are combined with different biscuits and crackers from other makers. Today I decided to give Milka and Lu biscuit combo a try. Straight off the bat I can say that this chocolate bar is anything but disappointing. No more different than a Twix without the caramel, it still delivers a great taste. It has the rich milky flavor of Milka chocolate that we all know, however with a crunchy texture of the Lu biscuit which allows the different flavours to combine and to linger in your mouth leaving you wanting more.

On that note, more is no problem as personally I find that the biscuit lets you enjoy the rich chocolate without the sickly feeling after you get from a plain Milka bar, this of course doesn’t mean you should eat loads of bar in one go, however this can easily be done. Word of warning candy lovers DON’T keep this chocolate bar in the fridge as the taste depletes and makes the biscuit chewy. I found this the hard way. Due to the hot weather, I needed to keep it  somewhere cool to prevented  the bar from melting, but the fridge was too cold for storage, so I recommend storing the bar in a dry and cool place before consuming.


More of these will be gobbled up and I sent Limegreenjelly the Tuc variant,so expect a review on that soon! Share your opinions in the comments and if you see anything you would like reviewed just let us know!


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