The Bar That Yodels Part Tuc

Milka is back and with two new biscuit and chocolate combinations, you’ve heard cyanide’s report on Milka with Lu, now here’s the other part to the quest of finding which one is best out of the combinations.

Read Cyanide’s report here: inspection after the packaging was easily teared off, due to the easy tear seam, there was slight disappointment or relief? The adverts led the chocolate bar consumer into thinking they use the same size biscuits as they normally do for their normal cracker packets, however the bar is normal Milka size, so you would think more biscuit than actual chocolate, hence disappointment. They are actually bitesize biscuit pieces with plenty of chocolate around each biscuit, therefore relived that the balance is correct.

Comes in 10 small sized pieces each with a Tuc inside with chocolate encasing it. There’s two Tucs on either side of the chocolate slab. The biscuits do like to come off, so you can eat that piece as pure chocolate then eat the Tuc or stick them back together is your choice. .Smells just like plain milka and has the smooth silky texture that is known for the chocolate brand.

A good crunch when eaten, a salty flavour comes through when chewed together, which compliments well with the chocolate flavour. A different flavour but pleasurable, easily edible and easily one to reach more pieces until you suddenly realise it gone. Salt and sweet works in harmony and one for the stash when you want something with a crunch.

Overall the Milka and biscuit/cracker range is strangely very good and is recommended to devour at any time of day whether a snack or one for when you curl up on the sofa. Might need to buy more than one bar though. These won’t last long.


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